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Burnt Coconut Recipe

This recipe is simply irresistible and with only 3 ingredients you will have a treat that will conquer you! Have you ever tried that sugary and crunchy coconut that is usually sold at fairs or squares? This is the recipe that we will teach you here! Called in some places burnt coquinho, it is also known as sugar coquinho, caquinho, beijinho and it is very simple to make. The preparation time is a little long, but it's just to let the sugar cover all the pieces of coconut with a delicious caramel! You will find that this coconut sweet recipe is worth preparing! Want to see how to make burnt coconut here at TudoReceitas? Just follow the step-by-step photos and instructions and be delighted at the end! Ingredients for making Burnt Coconut:  1 unit of dry coconut (about 3 cups of cubed coconut tea) 300 g  1½ cups of refined sugar or crystal  ½ cup of water (120 milliliters) How to make Burnt Coconut: Open the dry coconut, remove its shell and separate the other ingredients for the reci


skyr cake


Skyr cake with blueberry, what is special about?

The Skyr cake with blueberries is a cake with an unusual flavour, different from the normal cakes with cheese or cream to which the Italian tradition has accustomed us. The reason is simple, the list of ingredients has some new items, at least for those who love classic confectionery preparations. The reference is primarily to Skyr, a dairy product that has only recently "landed" in Italy, but also to coconut flour, which certainly is not the most commonly used flour when preparing a dessert. I will talk about the Skyr in the next paragraph. In this, I would like to focus on coconut flour. Well, it is a particular flour, with a sweeter and more delicate flavour than that of wheat. It contains all the characteristics of the fruit, therefore an exceptional amount of fibre, an abundant presence of vitamin C and a very high concentration of potassium.

Obviously, it is gluten-free, so this cake can also be consumed by those who have problems with the absorption of this substance (celiac and intolerant in general). As for the recipe, well it's really simple and almost banal. It involves combining the ingredients of the dough in a bowl and mixing them well. Finally, inside a large pan, a layer of blueberries and a layer of the mixture are alternated (twice). The result is exceptional, although the process is so simple; the cake is light, colourful and delicious!

A focus on Skyr, the yoghurt-cheese that is conquering Italy

skyr cake

Skyr is undoubtedly the strangest food in this blueberry pie. I am sure many of you have never heard of him, also because he has recently arrived in Italy. It is a dairy product that is halfway between cheese and yoghurt. The presence of veal curd in the production process, in fact, qualifies it as cheese. The flavour and texture, however, clearly recall yoghurt, especially the Greek one. Skyr is delicious food, suitable for savoury as well as sweet preparations, rich in calcium and proteins, but low in fat.

For this recipe, I recommend the white Skyr from Exquisa, a company that more than any other has favoured its spread in Italy. Yes, because the Skyr comes from very far. It was "invented" centuries ago, perhaps millennia, in Norway, and then spread to Iceland, where it has practically become a symbol. The Skyr by Exquisa respects the original recipe but in a certain sense also balances it, acting above all on the acidic component (which in the purest version could be excessive).

The blueberry, a fruit of a thousand qualities

Blueberry may not be the most eccentric ingredient, but it plays a fundamental role in this cake with skyr. It is one of the most popular berries of all, the protagonist of many recipes, from cakes to jams. Besides being good and versatile, blueberry is also healthy. Its nutritional power, in fact, is significant, the reference is above all to anthocyanins, substances responsible for the colour and also present in aubergines. Anthocyanins, just like all antioxidants, are good for the heart, fight free radicals and help prevent cancer.

Furthermore, blueberry contains many vitamins and mineral salts, in particular vitamin A, C, vitamins of group B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and above all potassium. Blueberries have some interesting properties, in fact, they are astringent and anti-inflammatory. Another "traditional" fruit, but which plays a fundamental role in this recipe, is lemon, which must be organic as only the zest is used, which must be grated to form the dough. The zest is the most beneficial part of the lemon, at least according to recent studies. The reference is in particular to the presence of limonene, an anti-inflammatory substance that would slow down the growth of tumours and help prevent them. In the peel, there are also fibres and calcium, two very important elements for our body.

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Here is the Skyr and Blueberry Cake Recipe:

Ingredients for 8-10 people:

1 jar of 400 gr. by white Skyr Exquisa,

380 g. of blueberries,

4 eggs,

30 gr. of very fine cane sugar,

80 g. of coconut flour,

1 teaspoon of vanilla cream,

1 tablespoon of organic lemon zest.


To prepare the cake with Skyr and blueberries, start by heating the oven to 150 degrees and set it to static mode.

Then cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, you will need it later.

Now take a bowl and put the Skyr, the fine brown sugar, the eggs, the coconut flour, a tablespoon of grated lemon zest and the vanilla cream.

Mix thoroughly until you have obtained a homogeneous mixture.

On the baking tray, evenly arrange approximately 190 grams of blueberries, then cover them with half the mixture just made.

Now lay the remaining blueberries and cover everything with the other half of the mixture.

Cook for about 45 minutes at 150 degrees.

When it's ready, let the cake cool in the pan for about an hour. After this time, unmold and serve.


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